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Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin You Will Choose?

by Scott - December 22nd, 2014.
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Early in 2012, Patek Philippe launched its diamond Complication 4968. Designers got inspired by the swirling strap in the gymnastics and the design it. A total of 273 diamonds on the case are set with beautiful cuts, and the most interesting part is that those diamonds revolving around the case are gradually becoming big. The 2014 edition is made of white gold with alligator belt. Before we go further into this Patek Philippe 4968, I want to go over a small part of Patek Philippe history. Although Patek Philippe was found in 1839, the first, big breakthrough was made on 1851 when Queen Victoria and his husband formulated an idea of integrating science and art, and that gave birth to the first Expo. It was right in the fair in 1851 when King of Victoria visited many exhibition booths, and favored a Patek Philippe winding watch.

vacheron constantin replica

vacheron constantin replica

Vacheron Constantin is a super famous watch brand with the longest history in Swiss. The Vacheron Constantin in earlier years looked simple in style, and had no specialness when compared with other watches, but just sold its brand, as which Vacheron Constantin watch it was costly, and its jewelry watch even created the amazing record of “can buy a half of a building.” Now a normal Vacheron Constantin watch is selling at the price of US 500,000$, and the top-level ones more than US 1,000,000 $. And if you want to buy a Vacheron Constantin watch, it is a good choice to buy it from Hong Kong, as there are so many new products with a plenty number and different styles and even reasonable price. In a word, going to Hong Hong buy Vacheron Constantin is just as buying other luxury products, of which you can save more when it is more famous and luxury and expensive.