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How to Choose Panerai Watch?

by Scott - January 24th, 2015.
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replica panerai luminor

replica panerai luminor

Compared to the Luminor series, I prefer Radiomir series in recent years. The exaggerated protector bridge of the Luminor series can be said much more attractive, and it you can identified immediately when wearing on the wrist, even if you are in a group of crowded people. I must say that the first time I knew Panerai is starting from its attractive protector bridge, and once had deep infatuation. Now, I think a suitable wrist watch is more important than being cool. My wrist is much thinner, and apparently big protector bridge of replica panerai luminor is no longer suitable for me, but I prefer Luminor linear watch ear again, then it can say PAM00502 completely satisfy my needs.

And the Panerai homemade “sandwich” watch dial structure, this design is researched and developed on the consideration of function to ensure that the navy commandos even under the condition of weak light can also be clearly legible to read time. The theory is that Luminous time scale are coated with Fluorescent coating on the hollow-out time scales, and Panerai through the way of adding a fluorescent layer dial panel makes the luminous indication of the wrist watch more concise.

This PAM00502 watch belongs to the wrist watch with complex function that is rarely seen in the Panerai brand, black satin polishing dial, and all the time scales are marked with sticks and dots, and outside the watch dial outside there sets the 60 seconds time scales, simply and clearly. The central place of this Panerai watch is equipped with the hour hand, minute hand and second hand, and the conical pointer displays the second time zone. And it is equipped with timing minutes dial at three o ‘clock position, and the 6 o ‘clock position is equipped with linear 8 days dynamic store display, 9 o ‘clock position of timing dial display day/night time; When set up time, the second hand will automatically turn to zero.